Chalet Saint-Gervais

The back slope of Mont Blanc, a chalet as a lifelong project !

The owner dreamed of a place that corresponded with her deepest desires, far from the crowds and popular ski stations.

Angelique offered her purity, simplicity and the real materials she desired.

The chalet’s gentleness and tranquility is evident, the space is uncluttered and the local materials used such as wood or stone and the overall play of lines brings energy to the entire project.

The generous kitchen, ideal for many children, has 2 sinks, a functional island and long work surfaces for preparing food, sipping herbal teas, painting … a kitchen without tall furniture always enlarges a space.

A kitchen made of wood, iron and stone, the edges of the large table and benches are in oak and have natural edges, only the bark was removed, while patinated sheet metal, with its flashes or irregularities, brings a special touch that echoes the fireplace, also in patinated sheet metal. The tall closets and refrigerator are invisible, hidden behind wood doors.

The minimal use of furniture and modern, Scandinavian rigor is balanced out by warm wood and a shaded blue-gray palette.

The openworked outside window panels recall old-fashioned barns while the small windowpanes in the entrance echo the inviting countryside around the chalet.

Upstairs, the tones are also extremely soft with nude shades for the family’s dancer and stronger grays for the athlete in the family. The dormitory was imagined for younger family members or friends to resemble a log cabin with different levels and the same ongoing play of lines. The master bedroom has open rafters and is separated from the bathroom by old beams while the polished concrete headboard harmonizes with deep, enveloping gray textiles. From the bed, one can see the snow-capped mountain peaks, even in summer.”



photos JM palisse