Avoriaz 1800

Small but sturdy and functional a renovation designed to use every centimetre!
avoriaz - escalier JMP

Combining  two  apartments on two floors to create a sense of space with a generous living area and a dormitory.

The day room is under the rafters to increase the look and feel of volume while the sleeping level is at the lower level.

Staircase lighting is an important part of the opening up of the dormitory and helps bring a sense of openness and light to the whole area without using direct light sources.

Finally, the decorative themes continue with clarity and pure colours to avoid any visual overload as the owners relax and appreciate Nature’s tableau of falling snow.

photos JM Palisse
avoriaz - salon JMP 2
avoiraz - détail salon JMP
avoriaz - cuisine JMP
avoriaz - séjour JMP
avoriaz- cuisine JMP
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