Chalet Samöens

Le Cirque du Fer à Cheval

Modernity, authenticity and materials like iron, wood and stone are the leitmotifs for this project that gives the chalet rhythm by focusing on a central staircase.

Instead of being hidden, the staircase is visible from the entrance to welcome visitors and accompany them to each floor thanks to a visual play of patinated iron lines.

And like a connecting thread throughout the chalet, the same patinated iron lines are also found on the swimming pool’s glass roof, around the fireplace and in the window frames.

The precise choice of materials is vital for the overall harmony and neutral tones that enhance the materials’ noble qualities rather than over-burdening the space with endless juxtapositions.

The kitchen in black Fenix, a modern, matte, nanotechnical material with a soft accent, opens generously onto the living area for more conviviality.

Special attention has been paid to the entry hall that doubles as a ski room since the family is very sports-oriented: this technical, open room, also done in black Fenix, can accommodate people easily as they sit on the wide bench to put on their sports gear.

The bedrooms, all in a line, are worked in either earth tones or colors inspired by the surrounding forests. The communal bedroom has a more cheerful energy in radiant yellow and ochre tones.

At the end of the day, everyone can get together in the spa where the mineral qualities of the stone and dramatic view of Mont Criou sooth the mind and will relax anyone after a long day of hiking.

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