Crans Montana

A complete renovation

The mezzanine has disappeared and the circulation reworked so the large living-kitchen area dominates a space that continues up to the rafters, generously echoing the nearby mountain peaks.

The space’s rhythm comes from its play on lines that include an open vertical panel that emphasizes the ceiling height. The large oak table that interlocks with the central kitchen island is ideal for welcoming guests. The part of the table that extends from the island is wide and inviting, incorporating both the fireplace and kitchen areas.

The black kitchen and gray shades of the living room structure the space while giving it depth.

Upstairs, a master bedroom was created by adding a real bathroom. The room is softly decorated in flesh and wood tones. The polished concrete headboard separates the bedroom from the bathroom with 360° circulation. A skylight over the bathtub is ideal for long reveries as one watches the snow fall.

Across from the living room on the ground floor, each of the other bedrooms has its own special intimacy.

The pearl gray bedroom extends the living room’s lines with long wood strips at the head of the bed that unobstructedly continue onto the ceiling, giving a larger sense of space. On each side of the bed, the Bouroullec brothers’ Aim hanging lamps offer a modern, poetic touch.

On the side, an ochre and earth-toned bedroom plays up transparency with a small glass skylight that brings daylight into the shower.

Outside on the terrace, a large table in recycled teak and folding wood armchairs are ideal for wrapping oneself in a blanket and basking in the winter sun.

A beautiful renovation!

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