Megeve renovation


When I saw this farmhouse in its original condition at the foot of Mt Blanc I realised immediately that  this would be a very ambitious project. An old farmhouse in an exceptional setting, where the priority was to retain its authenticity without creating a visual overload of decorative embellishments. The old house needed to embody the charm of a building that had sheltered generations within its sturdy walls.

We used natural, top quality materials and worked within the existing framework to open and enlarge the heights and volumes of the rooms and give it more modern comfort. The skill and expertise of local artisans did the rest.

The huge space where hay had been stored became the new salon, kitchen and dining area, a spacious open area where convivial occasions centred on the immense fireplace.

Bedrooms were designed to welcome children and friends in a comfortable environment where they could relax after long walks in the beautiful surrounding countryside.

Salon 1 Megève
cuisine ilot
entrée escalier
ch 2
ch 1
ch 3b clairvoie
ch 4 vieux bois
ch master10
ch master sddw